Protrait Photography

Are you looking for a portrait photographer ? Most portrait photography tends to be all the same. Sit down, back straight, shoulder wide and look at the camera… Oh and don’t forget to smile. Snap, snap. Rinse and repeat. If that’s what you’re looking for great, we can do that for you. But what we’d love to do is got to know you and create a portrait that reflects who you really are. We go out of our way to make every portrait photography we shoot as unique as the client in front of the our camera. So if  you’re looking for something a little different, has you covered 

Show the world what you're all about

Black belt – You may be surprised to hear that North Wales is home to some of the most talented martial artists in U.K. Not only is Ffion a Blackbelt in Kickboxing but also helps teach at her local dojo.

FIRE – I have to admit, we did get a little excited when we found we would be shooting a fire breather and it didn’t disappoint. Being able to  capture unique and talented people doing what they love is always an honour.